Three Things You Can Do When You Feel Overwhelmed To Feel Better

A variety of factors can make you feel overwhelmed.  Generally, when you feel overwhelmed, you just feel like you have more to accomplish or handle than you feel you possibly can handle.  It is no fun to feel this way but there are things that you can do to help you to feel better.

When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to stop and just take a deep breath.  Taking a deep breath is calming and helps you to feel better and more in control.  Taking a deep breath also helps to calm down all of those physical factors that go into overdrive when you feel overwhelmed such as your heart rate and blood pressure.  Often, stopping to take a deep breath will also help you to get some perspective on the situation.

Remind yourself that every situation is temporary.  No matter how much you may feel overwhelmed at the current time, it is not a permanent situation or one that you cannot change.  Remind yourself that this too, shall pass.  Remembering that the situation will not last forever helps you to feel better and feel more in control.  Even if the situation feels like it will last forever, such as being in a dead-end job, you still have options such as looking for another place of employment.

You can feel overwhelmed from factors that are occurring in your workplace, including situations like evaluating hostile work environment claims, or challenges in your personal life. Whatever the source is that is making you feel this way, taking time to prioritize is a key step to regaining a sense of control. What is truly important in the situation? What takes precedence? Are there tasks or issues that should be addressed before others? Getting your priorities in order is a valuable process that can help you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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