The Worst Fashion Mistakes Your Teenager is Making Right Now

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Fashions change with the wind, and style is very personal. As a woman grows older and more comfortable in her own skin as she learns who she really is, she learns to carefully hone and perfect her style. But the teenage years are often a bit less stylish. Sure, teens tend to think that the way they dress is the coolest, but chances are good that they will change their own sense of style more quickly than most of us since they are still learning who they are, what makes them comfortable and how they want to portray themselves to the world. With that said, it’s difficult to pinpoint a real fashion mistake. Most ‘mistakes’ are merely personal opinions. For example, I find wearing skinny jeans and a tight top unattractive and I feel that it’s a fashion mistake in every which way, but for others that it is their own favorite style. Who am I to tell them that their fashion choices are mistakes when that’s merely my opinion?

But when it comes to teens, many girls actually are guilty of making some serious fashion mistakes. Read on to find out which fashion mistakes your teen is making right this very second that are the absolute worst.

Not Being Herself

Hands down, the biggest fashion mistake that any girl can make is not being herself. The sad news is that very few teenage girls are actually aware of who they truly are at this age, which means that they are going to continue to emulate others and not be themselves. It’s just a way of life. There’s little you can do about this aside from reminding your daughter that she is an individual and that she should never take that for granted. She will eventually learn that she is always  more comfortable dressing like herself and being herself than she is trying to wear things that make her uncomfortable.

Not Wearing Clothes that Fit

It’s a fashion mistake that too many women make, regardless their ages. Clothes that are tailored are far better than clothes that are not. When a teenage girl is not wearing the correct size, she is not doing herself any favors, and this goes both ways. A girl wearing clothes that are too big looks as if she is being swallowed whole by her clothing. It’s not flattering, and it makes even the most stylish ensembles look unattractive. A girl wearing clothes that are too small is making herself look larger than she is, and she’s making herself look less the perfect.

Not Understanding which looks Flatter her Body

We all have certain cuts and styles that flatter our figures and our shapes. As we grow up, we become more and more familiar with those items, and we tend to buy more of those pieces and fewer of other pieces. But young girls aren’t quite sure about this yet. In fact, teens are usually the first ones to wear clothes that do not flatter their shape simply because they are stylish and popular. They’re just a bit too young to realize that sometimes the trendiest looks are the least flattering on certain body types, and that means mom should try to help her realize this as best she can. There are no guarantees that this will work, however, since teenage girls are well-known for their desire to ignore their mother’s fashion advice.

Dressing for Others and not for Herself

We all did it growing up. We all wore things when we were younger that we were not necessarily comfortable wearing just because we thought someone else might like them. It’s not a good idea. In fact, it’s a terrible idea. It’s always better to dress for yourself than to dress for others. There is a very simple reason for this, too, that most teenage girls do not yet comprehend. When you are uncomfortable in your clothing, it shows like a diamond in the sunlight. It doesn’t matter how amazing your ensemble, either. If it’s not something in which you feel good, you’re not going to look good. Your confidence level will be affected and you will not look your best. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, it shows. You look more confident and more in control. It’s just something that shows. Be comfortable. That means dressing for yourself and not for anyone else.

Showing too much Skin

This is going to go down as ‘opinion,’ in the minds of some, I’m certain. However, it’s just my personal belief that no one should show too mush skin. It’s my personal belief that your body is a private body and that you should always leave more to the imagination than not. It’s my opinion that those who are showing as much skin as they possibly can are looking for attention, they are insecure and they are not confident enough to feel that they can attract others with anything other than their physical assets. And it’s even worse with teens, as so many of them have no idea that when you dress provocatively, you are attracting the wrong type of person.

Sure, you do want someone who appreciates your physical appearance, but that should not be the most important. Teens who feel that they have to show a lot of skin need to learn that there is a trick to looking ‘sexy’ and it has nothing to do with wearing next to nothing. Sexiness is something that comes with confidence, and confidence does not require showing off every body part you have to show off. It comes from knowing you look good in something that hugs your curves but keeps your body under wraps. It comes from knowing you are a witty, intelligent and interesting person. It comes from being comfortable in your own skin, and I find it hard to believe that teenage girls are comfortable showing off their skin to others the way that it seems so many of them do these days.

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