Tricks For Working Little Splashes Of Color Into Your Wardrobe

Most of us know the value of having a good selection of neutrals in our wardrobe but splashes of color have a place in your wardrobe, too.  Neutrals are great to have because you can mix and match and they rarely ever go out of style.  They are timeless pieces that you can use for years and therefore, you are really getting your money’s worth when you purchase neutrals to wear.

But neutrals are not all that there are to fashion.  While you certainly can’t top neutrals such as the classic little black dress, color plays a very important part of your fashion and style.  The question is, how can you add in little splashes of color without overwhelming your look?

Adding a colored piece of clothing in with a neutral works beautifully.  You can wear color on top or on bottom.  Trying to wear both at the same time is a trick to be handled carefully.  Try combining a brightly colored top with a neutral skirt of slacks of black, gray or brown and see how it makes your top shine.  You can also mix it up and wear a colored bottom with a white or black top.

Accessories are another way that you can add color in without overpowering the whole look.  A long chunky necklace, a bright scarf, a handbag or even a pair of heels in an eye-popping color intended to make a statement are good choices.  Of course, you don’t want to wear all of these items at one time.  Usually one or two pieces is a good choice for adding in color.

Everyone discovers their own unique style on how they like to add color into their wardrobe.  You don’t want to overpower your outfit by wearing so much color it overwhelms those that see you, but these ideas provide you a way to have a nice balance between neutrals and colors.

Image Credit: The Budget Fashionista


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