What’s in Store for Summer Fashion 2015?


It’s officially March, and even though it’s actually still winter, it’s spring. I’m sure many of you northerners disagree with your snow and your storms, but I’m sitting on my back deck writing this in a strapless sundress enjoying the 82 degree weather and soaking up the sun while my babies nap inside. Spring is officially in Florida. And that means that it’s time to start thinking about summer fashion for 2015 since technically we don’t have any seasons but summer around here. This year we can expect to see some changes and some repeats that have been changed just a bit. If you’re not sure what the summer fashion trends will be just yet, let me help you decide what it is you need to shop for before the seasons officially change. And these are just a few of the summer fashion 2015 trends you can expect to see, but they’re my personal favorites.

Nautical Stripes

This year it’s all about the navy, kind of literally. Expect to see a lot of navy apparel with nautical stripes and anchors. It’s all about resort casual and this is going to be a very prepped up look that many of us will rock this season.


It’s hot already, so that leads me to the next trend; backless dresses. I’m already on the hunt for some of my own to wear this summer. I’m a mother and I have four kids and I’m not 15 anymore, so I’m going backless maxi so that I still look moderately appropriate but can still stay cool and comfortable. Additionally, this year it’s all about soft pastels and floral prints.

Short Shorts and Tunics

The half-tuck is in and it’s big. We need to see a bunch of short shorts with modest, blousy tunics that are half-tucked in the front. These will be paired with statement necklaces and a lot of gorgeous sandals, and it’s a look I can’t wait to wear again.

Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images


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