What To Wear To A Wedding This Summer

Wedding season is here.  Most of us will undoubtedly receive at least one wedding invitation before the season is through.  Let me help you put your mind to rest on what is best to wear when you attend.

The first fact you need to consider is the type of wedding you are attending.  There is a big difference in a wedding held at the fanciest plaza in your area and the one held in a friends back yard.  So, therefore, you must consider how formal the wedding is to be and go from there.

It is fine to wear a sundress and sandals if the wedding is casual.  If it is a formal wedding, your dress needs to respect that and lean more toward simple evening or cocktail dresses and appropriate dress shoes.  A clutch purse is the perfect choice of handbag for a formal wedding.

That being said, there are a few tips that will help make your decision easier.  Dress elegantly, but go for an understated look.  Think classy, simple.  Remember, you don’t want to upstage the bride.  You should also refrain from wearing white as it is the bride’s color of the day.

Don’t go for looks that will call undue attention to you.  Avoid overly bright colors such as orange or bright yellow.  Pastels are always a good choice for a wedding set in the spring or summer since they are typically the colors of the season.

More and more ladies are choosing to wear their little black dresses to a wedding they are invited to.  Little black dresses fall into the simple yet classy category.  Add accessories of your favorite color and you are set to go.

Tastefully done makeup is always a nice addition.  This is not the time to try the bright new neon blue eyeshadow or a dramatic eye liner that glitters.

The most important thing you can wear is your smile.



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