What Men and Women Think of Fashion

As women, we know we don’t dress for men. We dress for other women. I cannot even tell you how many times my husband rolls his eyes as I don a pair of leggings and an oversize tunic with ballet flats. He can’t stand the baggy top, but I love the style. Most of the time, we don’t even take into consideration what men think about our clothes because we don’t think they even notice, but they do. Here’s what men think of our trendy styles; what they love and what they cannot stand.


The majority of men love the idea of a nautical boat shoe. They think it makes women look smart, casual, and put together. This comes as a surprise to me, because I can’t stand them.

Floral Prints

I love a bold floral print. The brighter the better, in my opinion. However, the men do not agree with me. In fact, when a man sees a woman in a bold floral print, he starts thinking about his great aunt Sally in the retirement community in Boca. Nice, isn’t it?

Color Blocking

Not surprisingly, men like this look. I like it, too. It’s simple, easy, and understated. It’s not too busy, not to bright, and not too trendy.

Polka Dots

I love a good polka dot. I think it has a way of bringing an ensemble together in a way that appears chic, simple, and quietly elegant. Men also like polka dots. They like them, however, because they appear flirty and sexy. Men find them cute, which might explain Minnie Mouse’s appeal.


Much like me, men are not into this look. Who wants to go to the restroom and have to completely undress to use it? Furthermore, we are not infants. We don’t need adult onesies. It’s cute on a newborn, not on a lady.


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