What Does Your Hairstyle Tell Others About You?

You know you only have about a half a second to make a good first impression – or even a bad one. You know that your smile, your cleanliness, your scent, and your ensemble help form the opinions others make about you in those few seconds, but did you know that your hairstyle really has a lot to say about what kind of woman you are? Read on to find out if the hair you are rocking is conducive to the impression you want to give of yourself.

Ponytail Hair

You might think that wearing a ponytail indicates laziness, but it actually indicates self-confidence. People view those with a ponytail as confident enough to show their face and their personality rather than hiding behind their hair for comfort.

The Always Perfect Coif

If your hair is always perfect, you’re giving off the impression that you are in control and you like things in order. Your life is a certain way, and nothing gets in the way of the order that you like. You appear powerful, a little vain, and always put-together.

Wild and Free

If you don’t always bother to do your hair, you come across as a confident person who is comfortable in your own skin. You know you’re gorgeous and you don’t have to work hard at it every single day to make yourself feel comfortable and happy. You appear laid-back, fun, relaxed, and easy going.

The Messy Bun

When a woman puts her hair up but doesn’t make the effort to tame it, it shows that she’s a little wild, and a lot of fun.  You’re also confident and flirty, with a tendency toward the adventurous.


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