Five Different Ways To Wear Your Boots This Fall

Boots are a fashion staple in the fall and winter season and many of you are looking for new ways to wear your boots.  Many of us trade our sandals and flip flops in for boots from the time the leaves change till the time they bloom again.  I am one of those girls that does this.  I love boots of all sorts: rain boots, cowgirl boots, riding boots and more.  Let me share some of the best ways that you can wear your boots.  If you need more inspiration after reading this article, you may want to read this article by Harper’s Bazaar on how to wear boots.

Boots always go with jeans.  You can dress up with a fancy top or add a simple sweater for an everyday look. This is a great look for date night or even if you just have a day full of errands to complete.

You can wear your boots with dress slacks, too.  This is an appropriate look for the office or any type of business appointment that you may have to attend to.

You can also wear your boots for occasions when you may wear a dress or a skirt.  I have learned that boots are a much warmer alternative to wear in the fall and winter months than heels.  If the boots are tall enough, I can even get by with wearing a pair of my husband’s tall socks underneath and no one is the wiser.

Try to wear your boots with a pair of leggings and a tunic.  This is a simple and comfortable look that can be worn anywhere from a parent teacher conference to casual Friday at the office.

Lastly, try your boots with a summery dress on those last, few, rare days of warm weather left.  It is a mixed look that has a nice result.  If it is still a bit chilly, try adding a denim jacket for a western feel.


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