Ugg Boots Are Never Cheap and Why They’re Not Worth It


There is so much controversy surrounding Ugg Boots, which by the way, are not cheap shoes. These shoes are widely considered unattractive, unflattering and so warm and toasty they’re perfect for winters in the far north. And while we can’t deny comfort and warmth as enticing benefits, we can still agree that these shoes should be worn for nothing more than practicality reasons and removed the second they are no longer needed for your commute to work or school and replaced with something less horrific.

However, that’s not the only controversy that surrounds these shoes. As you should know by now, Uggs are not endorsed by PETA. What this means is that Uggs use real animals to make their Ugg (ly) boots, and it’s a topic that most people prefer to either ignore or stand up for with a vengeance. And some people choose not to believe it at all, but the truth is that these are shoes that are made with the skin of Mary’s Little Lamb, and it’s an ugly, painful process.

This is a little disturbing to learn, since most people believe that finding wool to use on warm clothes is necessary and that it’s not really that big of a deal. After all, sheep without their fur are taken care of and they’re not killed; so what’s the big deal, really? We’ve decided to get down to the bottom of all the rumors and accusations and tell you precisely what is the big deal.

The big deal is that the Ugg boot company actually uses the wool in addition to the sheep’s actual skin. So what this means is that the company skins the actual sheep not just for its wool, but for its actual skin. Animals that are skinned do not live. This means that yes, Ugg boots are no friend of PETA.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


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