Trendy Plus Size Fashion Tips for All Women


If Kim Kardashian and her sisters have taught the world, it’s that full-figures are beautiful. No matter your size and no matter your feelings about it, you are a beautiful woman. What makes you beautiful is the way you carry yourself, the confidence you have in yourself, and your killer personality. And with that said, we’re going to dispel a few myths about plus-size fashion (which should be called “fashion” in my opinion). Women with fuller figures tend to believe that there are things they cannot rock and wear because of their size. It’s not true. Some of the most classic, iconic, timeless looks in the fashion industry are beautifully tailored to fit your curves and bring attention to you in the most flattering manner. We have a few of the most timeless styles that all women can rock, no matter their size. They’re gorgeous, flattering and utterly beautiful.

The Wrap Dress

Thank you, Diane von Furstenberg, for creating this iconic dress that makes us all look like supermodels. Flattering, fitted and gorgeous, there is no one who cannot pull of this elegant look anywhere and everywhere. It’s beautiful because it can be worn during the day and upgraded at night for even more gorgeous appeal.

Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans

When you go with a dark wash and a boot cut style, you cannot go wrong. It’s so flattering and so lovely on all body types. It’s why we love this look so much. Dress it up or down and take it anywhere you want to go. Just remember; you have to go with a dark wash – and that goes for all women. Lighter washes are so unflattering.

Nude Heels with a Pointed Toe

Want long, lean legs in anything you wear? Try a pair of nude heels with a classic pointed toe. Sure, black is iconic, but nude is going to make your legs look a mile long and very toned. Go ahead, try it.

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images


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