Transition Summer Clothing Into Your Fall Wardrobe

Are you finding that you aren’t quite ready to pack away your summer clothing?  Good news!  You can transition summer clothing into your fall wardrobe with a few simple tips.  I know that I have a few summer pieces that I love and don’t want to pack away.  Here is how I plan to transition summer clothing into my fall wardrobe.

As far as maxi dresses, they are an easy pieces to transition.  They already have the length in their favor so they provide extra coverage to keep your legs warm.  I plan to wear them with riding boots or dressy knee boots and a cardigan sweater since most maxi dresses are either sleeveless or altogether strapless.  If you want to add a trendy twist, you can add a belt over the cardigan sweater to show off your figure a little more.

There is no reason that sundresses have to go anywhere yet, either.  Add a pair of tights and a sweater with them and extend the time you get to wear them.

Another way I plan to transition summer clothing into my fall wardrobe is to keep my tanks around.  A lot of times I need a tank to go with a sweater in the summer and there is no reason it has to be a basic color with no design.  I can keep my lacy floral tanks and camis to go with cardigans.  These can dress up jeans or go with a skirt for date night or even causal Friday at work.

Another way to use those tanks is to wear a snug fitting t shirt under them.  This is actually very trendy and stylish right now.  This way, your tank can be the centerpiece and you can continue to transition summer clothing into a fall wardrobe.

For even more ideas on how to transition summer clothing into fall, this article on the subject at Cosmopolitan can help.


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