Three Things Marilyn Monroe Taught us about her Best 50s Style


The 1950s was a decade a lot different from the current culture we live in. It was a time in which many things were different, freedom was a bit more controversial and yet it was a time in which more people felt they had more freedoms. The country hadn’t taken such a turn for the worse; women were lovely and feminine, men were gentlemen and kids were a lot happier and better behaved. Did we mention people likely ate better then, too, since most people cooked at home and ate health serving sizes? The 1950s are over, but we have taken a lot from the 50s as far as style is concerned. It was during this decade that Marilyn Monroe was at her most beautiful and her most famous; and she has left a lasting legacy with the world that encompasses her true passionate nature and her beautiful sense of style. Considered a bit risqué at times when she was alive, she taught women a lot about style.

Find Your Scent

Too many of us have bathrooms cluttered with perfume bottles we’ve purchased throughout the years. We wear something different every single day and we wonder why our husbands have stopped noticing. Monroe once said the only thing she wore every single day – even to bed and in the bath – was Chanel No. 5. And since I’ve chosen my own signature scent, my husband has noticed and he loves it. Anytime he smells it anywhere he says it immediately makes him want to be near me.

Bold Brows

It was Marilyn Monroe that made it clear to women that waxing eyebrows to the point that they’re barely visible is not always the best look for every face. She had bold, beautiful brows that stood out at all times, and she rocked them like nobody’s business. And we love that about her.

Embrace Your Curves

If anyone could teach us about the beauty of loving your body as it is, it would be Marilyn Monroe. She was not a woman with an imperfect body, but she was also not a woman with a perfect body. Her body was just right. She was proportioned well, she had curves and she wasn’t ashamed of the fact that her body was not a size 00 and that she had those beautiful curves.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images


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