Three Things to get Excited about During New York Fashion Week

fashion week

New York Fashion week kicks off in just a few days, and that’s always an exciting time for models, designers, the press and for the city of New York. This weeklong event brings in more revenue than just about any other event that the city holds, and that means that the economy loves this week. However, that’s not the only reason to pay attention to what’s happen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. There’s a lot to see, a lot to do and a lot to get really excited about. If you’ve never been to a fashion week show, welcome to the club that most of the world is part of. If you have been to any of the shows, you know all about the excitement and the atmosphere that occurs here. But we’re happy to tell you the three things that are most exciting about fashion week so that you can feel as if you are part of the excitement.

Designer Duds

Of course the most exciting thing about New York Fashion week is the fact that we get to see what all designers have come up with. We get to see if they are changing the face of fashion entirely, and we get to see what most of us will be wearing before too long.

The Famous Faces

The second most exciting thing about fashion week is all the famous faces. If New York City wasn’t already as filled with celebrities as it is, it’s really filled with celebrities this week. Anyone who is anyone will be in the city for the shows and they will want their faces seen in the front rows of each.

What People are Wearing

It’s not just what the designers are wearing on the runways at fashion week. It’s all about what the celebs in town to see the shows are wearing. It’s a virtual best of the best, and a time for celebs to really put out their A game.

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