Three Great Places to Shop for Cheap Fashion Jewelry


Cheap fashion jewelry is a favorite of so many women because it allows them to dress up their clothes in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune but does make a big impact. The only issue some women run into with this is the fact that their jewelry does have a small issue looking a bit cheap. While being cheap to purchase is always a great concept, looking cheap is not. The last thing you want to do is wear jewelry that makes you look like you cheaped out when shopping. So what we’ve done is round up a few of our favorite shops that offer cheap fashion jewelry that does not look cheap – it’s just cheap to buy. You may look at these guys for affordable yet elegant jewelries. However, keep in mind that this jewelry might not be as cheap as the stuff that looks cheap. But sometimes you have to spend a bit more to look a bit better. The good news, however, is that you still don’t have to pay Tiffany & Co. prices for any of it.

J. Crew

We love J. Crew fashion jewelry, especially when it goes on sale. It’s a great way for you to find the jewelry you want to wear at a price you can afford, without running the risk of looking cheap or tacky. It’s a bit more expensive than a very tight budget can afford, but when it goes on sale it’s worth it. Additionally, signing up for the J. Crew email program will allow you to get sales and discount emails from time to time that will make it even less expensive.

Old Navy

Believe it or not, Old Navy sometimes carries jewelry that looks a little bit more expensive than your everyday middle of the mall store such as Claires. All you have to do it check it out, choose the pieces that best fit your mood and make the purchase. And most of the time you’ll spend less than $15 to do it.


It’s another great place to find cheap jewels that don’t always look cheap. You’ll be happy you took the time to shop here to find great pieces. They’re even better priced when they go on sale, so you can splurge a little bit on additional jewels when shopping.

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