Three Classic, Beautiful Engagement Ring Styles to Check Out


Asking a woman to marry you is one of the scariest things you will ever do in your life. It’s a moment that, even if you’re sure she’s going to say yes, will invoke nerves you never knew existed. It will make you feel as if your entire future is in the hands of a woman you love, and you hope she loves you in return. Even if you know she does, there is still that trickle of fear and doubt that she might have changed her mind about you, that she’s no longer in love with your or that she does love you, but not enough to marry you and spend the rest of forever as your wife.

Don’t worry about it; she’s probably going to say yes. I mean, we don’t know you so we can’t say for sure. But we do know engagement rings styles, and that means we can at least help you out so she doesn’t say no because she hates the ring you chose. That’s a good way to boost your confidence. If you are looking for an engagement ring, you should start by knowing which styles are the ones most women prefer.


The diamond solitaire is one of the most classic, most elegant and most loved ring styles of all time. It’s a simple ring perfect for a classic bride. This style has everything you want in terms of elegance. It’s a diamond in a simple prong setting on a simple band adorned with no other diamonds. This ring, however, should be as flawless as possible since it’s only one diamond and it’s very simple.

3 Stone Diamond

Not a traditional engagement ring, but it is one that many brides prefer. This ring has a simple band with three diamonds. The center diamond is much larger than the two side diamonds, but they should be proportioned correctly to the center diamond so as not to make the ring appear awkward or tacky. Shop trilogy diamond engagement rings Australia here.

Channel Set

This is another popular style that is a lot like a solitaire, but the difference lies mainly in the band. This ring has two bands that are joined together by small diamonds that make it appear wider, larger and more sparkly. Many women love this setting, and it’s a simple but slightly more upscale version of the solitaire.

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