The Top Fashion Trends of 2013

A New Year: A new you. Along with the onslaught of resolutions and the longing for spring and summer come the new trends of the year. It’s no secret that I view trends as something fleeting – yes, I just said that – and not really worth my time in every aspect, but I do respect the trend. If you’re set on being the trendiest woman of the year, you should know what trends to get moving on. However, I still recommend sticking with sophisticated basics and adding one or two small trends to every ensemble, but you’re a grown woman so you can make your own fashion decisions – and hopefully not disasters.

The Middle Part

Take a seat inside my time machine and buckle up because we are headed back to the 1970s. I’m a little excited because I wasn’t born until the very early 80s, so I just missed it. This year one of the hottest trends is the middle part. “Hair’s” to finally getting back to a simple style that everyone can pull off – you know you liked that.

Anything Emerald

You’ll make all your friends green with envy (obviously I cannot get enough of my own wit today) when you add a little emerald to every outfit. Whether you tip them off with emerald nails or you pair your basic head-to-toe black with a pair of eye-popping emerald stilettos or a handbag, the masses will go crazy for your new look.

Bold Brows

Thank the sweet Gods of Fashion for this one, because my brilliantly brunette self can skip some plucking and waxing and embrace my naturally dark, thick brows. Bold brows are the new beautiful, I am happy to report.

Last Extensions

Here’s where it goes too far for me. I don’t have long, luscious lashes but I’m okay with that when you consider the fact that I spent my entire childhood listening to my parents tell me we can’t put glue in our eyes or mouths. Gluing on faux lashes or getting extensions doesn’t sound good to me, but if that’s your thing, good for you because it’s huge this year.


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