The Top 5 Ralph Lauren Items of 2014

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the most iconic designers of all time. He has been in the fashion industry since 1964, just after he left the US Army. He began his fashion career working for Brooks Brothers, though he left the company when he was in his mid-20s to begin designing his own ties. He ran a successful tie business in which he created ties that were stylish and classic, and they were different than other ties in the industry. He created them, and he sold them from a suitcase in front of the Empire State Building for many years.

It didn’t take long before he was selling his ties to some of the biggest department stores in the city, or before he was able to open up his own store and sell his ties. He was loaned money to start his fashion empire, opening stores in several major cities including New York and Beverly Hills. It was just after he received permission to use the polo shirt design from Brooks Brothers and added his signature polo playing horse to the shirts that his business took off and grew into the multi-billion dollar company it is today.


The Polo – $85

It’s the most iconic, most classic piece in the men’s collection at Ralph Lauren. It’s a style that never actually goes out of style, which is why it would be on this list no matter what year it was, no matter what the style, and no matter how you like to dress. This classic shirt is lovely on all men and women, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


The Oxford – $89.50

The Oxford shirt is another classic in the men’s collection. It’s what casual Fridays and Sunday brunches are made of. This shirt has a relaxed fit, and a nice cut so that it flatters all men. It’s one of the best sellers in the Ralph Lauren collection. It always manages to make it to the top of this particular list.

riding boot

The Riding Boot – $995

For the past several seasons, the riding boot has been one of the most popular items in the world. Since Ralph Lauren is the one who introduced this piece to the world, it’s natural his is listed as one of the most famous. He has several different designs and styles of riding boot perfect for all women. And they’re each stylish.


Cabled Cashmere Poncho – $1295

It is the must-have piece from the women’s line this season. This elegant poncho is designed to appears sophisticated and gorgeous, yet slim and fitted and soft on every woman. It’s perfect dressed up or down, and it’s good for every season in which it’s just not that warm during the day.


The Ricky Soft Bag – $1950

The Ricky is one of the most iconic pieces in the Ralph Lauren line. Named after Ralph Lauren’s longtime wife, it’s a gorgeous soft bag that has plenty of features and space to store your items. It’s actually reasonably priced for a designer bag, which is part of the reason it’s so desirable.

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