The Five Accessories You Need In Your Jewelry Box

There are five accessories every woman should have in her jewelry box, pieces that will transition from occasion to occasion. Women are complicated creatures and our style mirrors that statement.  A typical male, in comparison has three looks; casual, dressy casual and really dressy.  Their casual is your basic jeans and tee, their dressy casual is khakis and a polo and their really dressy is a suit or on rare occasions, a tux.  Women literally have hundreds of looks and variations.

If you are like me, it is hard enough to keep your closet stocked with the basic staples I need not to mention the latest looks from season to season without buying accessories.  Accessories are something I notice we tend to let slide if the budget is tight.  There is a way to prevent this; invest in five very versatile accessories that you can pull from one outfit to another.  You will always have an accessory that will work.

The first piece of jewelry all women need is a pair of diamond earrings, or cubic zirconia.  It doesn’t matter if they are genuine; what matters is the elegance they portray when you wear them. You may also invest in sapphire jewelry items that you can use for casual and formal events.

The next accessory all women should make sure they have in their jewelry box is a string of pearls.  Yes, they date back to the fifties but there is a reason they are still around; they work.  They don’t have to be real; a nice strand of pearls from any costume jewelry shop will do nicely.  Pearls will go with many dresses or skirt sets and can even be counted on to dress up a simple sweater.

A pair of silver or gold hoops is the third item you should make sure you have.  They are versatile and can go with anything.  Need I say more?

A handful of silver or gold bangle bracelets to match your earrings should be your next purchase for an accessory that will take you far. They are fun and timeless.

Black earrings are a piece of jewelry that you will wear again and again.  After all, what is more basic and universal than black?

With these five simple pieces of jewelry, you can be sure you will be ready to accessorize any outfit you wear.


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