The Best Clothing Choices For Petite Women

Many people think it is wonderful to be petite; that it automatically means you are an attractive and delicate lady.  The truth is that while others may feel that way, if you are a petite woman, you most likely do not.  You tire of the frustrations of trying to find clothing that fits you properly and looks good on you instead of trying to make a style made for a taller woman adjust to your body.  You wish for more height so that your weight would have more area to distribute itself.  Since we can’t change our height, we work with what we have and do our best in the clothing department.

I have found several tricks along the way to help make the best clothing choices as a petite woman.  The first one is to realize that what works for others may not work for you.  Petite women need clothing that is geared toward their height.  Yes, we can shop in the petite section but it goes way beyond that.  We need to know the best styles for us.

Let’s talk about summer fashions, since it is our current season.  In the summer, don’t try to pull off capris if you are petite.  You will look like you have pants on that are too short.  Instead, go for a mid-thigh short or if you are a bit more bold, a short with an inseam of three to five inches.  Go for skirts that end at or above your knee.  The maxi dresses are not meant for petite women.  The same rule goes for dresses.

Heels and wedges are your friends!  Learn to embrace them!  They add the illusion of more height, which makes you look not only taller but slimmer as well.  The same thing applies to boots in the winter; opt for a boot with a heel.

Lastly, use a full length mirror when you try clothes on to see how it looks from outside your body.


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