SuperMom: Jennifer Brown-Thomas to Launch Children’s Line this Fall

Wife, mother, daughter, friend, director, author and entrepreneur (let’s not forget chef, maid, chauffeur, toy-finder, bath-giver, tantrum-stopper, Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, just to name a few of the other job titles moms have); it might not seem like Jennifer Brown-Thomas even has enough time to breathe – I’d say use the restroom in private, but she’s a mom. Moms don’t get to use the restroom alone. However, this Texas native is adding yet another title to her already impressive list of accomplishments. The best-selling author and director of Blissful Liesis adding the role of fashion designer to her resume. Don’t hate her because she’s fabulous.

Who is Jennifer Brown-Thomas?

If you don’t know who Jennifer Brown-Thomas is, well, you’re pretty much alone. But…a little background information never hurt. JBT is – obviously – a successful woman. From the outside looking in, it might seem that her life is perfect. However, like the rest of us, JBT has suffered her fair share of tragedy (really, who even came up with that annoying saying? As if tragedy is ever fair…). After suffering a series of miscarriages and deaths in her family, JBT had to do something. She had two choices; focus on the tragedy in her life or figure out a way to turn the tragedy she’d experienced into something positive. She chose the latter.

Turning Her Dreams into Reality

It took her 21 days to write the screenplay for Blissful Lies and only 17 days to shoot the film – while pregnant with her now 2-year-old daughter, Kinsley. Since wrapping the shoot, her daughter was born (healthy and happy, I am thrilled to share), her film was released, she graduated from Texas Christian University and she turned Blissful Lies into a best-selling book. She’s also done a few other *little* things here and there, such as forming LBT Enterprises with friend FanitsaLimberis, owner of Runway Ready, whom she met on the set of Blissful Lies,forming Kinsley’s Cure, a nonprofit organization benefiting the families of terminally ill children, and creating Kinsley Kouture, which launches September 18th.

Kinsley Kouture

Kinsley Kouture is a line of children’s clothing inspired by JBT’s daughter, Kinsley. The line consists of 42 pieces and 18 designs, some in multiple colors. Included in the line are a couple of high-end dressy ensembles, skirts, dresses and tunics with leggings. The line will be offered wholesale as of its launch date, and JBT will keep the world in the loop about when and where we can pick up this full spring collection in stores as buyers undoubtedly descend in droves. Each of the 18 designs will be available in sizes 12 months to 5T.

Now that you’re staring at your little girl, covered from head to toe in macaroni and cheese mixed with a little dirt (or is that kitty litter?) and wondering why you don’t have one of those little girls who can wear nice clothes because she manages to destroy everything within 30 seconds, I have good news. The pieces in the Kinsley Kouture collection are machine washable. JBT is a mom; and Kinsley was not born with the ability to eat or play without getting messy. She wanted to create a line that allows you to dress your little girl in the stylish and adorable clothing you’ve always dreamed of, while not worrying that she’ll never be able to wear it again. Everything can go straight into the wash. It’s durable and it’s perfect for your (messy) little fashionista. All you need now is someone to actually do the laundry and all would be perfect in the world.

A Final Thought

I should also mention that JBT is currently working on her second book, the first of a trilogy called Vindictive Grounds. JBT is not just a businesswoman, wife and mom. She’s an inspiration to women everywhere. Bad things happen. Life isn’t perfect (though it is pretty close when the kids are asleep for the night and a glass of good red wine is within reach). JBT embodies the notion that it isn’t the events of your life that define you, but how you react to the events in your life that defines you. Let her story inspire you to live with the realization that you have two choices; to accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept or make excuses. I vote for the former, unless you ate the last cookie and your almost 5-year-old asks what happened to it and you need to blame it on the cat. Or the baby (a perfectly acceptable excuse until the baby is old enough to dispute said excuse).

To learn more about Jennifer Brown-Thomas, check out her website


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