Summer Accessories You Should Have

Summer is so much fun, and it’s a great season to play with fashion and accessories. However, not every woman is sure what she can and cannot get away with in the accessories department when it comes to summer style. The good news is that just about anything goes, so bust out your favorite accessories and get to styling yourself like a pro.  Here are four must have summer accessories.

Bright Clutch

This little handbag is a great summer accessory for just about any occasion. Brunch and mimosas with the girls? Go ahead and grab your bright little clutch and have some fun. Wear it to an afternoon wedding, an evening dinner party, or to your favorite department store for the big sale.

Statement Necklaces

Teal, turquoise, bright blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, black, whatever the color, the statement necklace is one of the hottest pieces of the season. Rock one this summer with a cute sundress or a pair of cigarette pants and a tee. You will look stylish, hot, and better than any other woman in the room.

Floppy Hat

What is summer without a huge, gorgeous hat? Make like a woman headed to the Kentucky Derby the next time you heat the beach or pool and don a huge, gorgeous hat. The more embellishments, the better. Pair it with a maxi dress for a casual, sexy look that makes you seem cool, calm, and collected, or wear it with your bikini to shield the sun from your face and your pool hair from the public.


These little accessories do not belong in Grandma’s jewelry box. They belong on your exceptionally stylish blazer and out in public for everyone to see. Add a bit of class to a pair of jeans and a simple blazer with this piece of statement jewelry, and make everyone else wish they’d kept the jewelry their grandmother left them.


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