Stylish Rain Boots that are Trending Right Now

Hunter Wellies

Rain boots are so super trendy at the moment. They’re perfect now that the weather across the country is absolutely miserable, wet and cold. They’re warm and they’re functional. They’re appropriate and they’re cute with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater. They’re perfect for people who don’t live in the snow, too. They’re actually designed for wet weather of any kind, whether it be a cold blizzard in the northwest or a rainy day in the south. Since those days happen quite frequently throughout the year, everyone should have a great pair of rain boots perfect for all sorts of weather. And if you’re looking for an amazing pair of rain boots, there are two designer brands you should be looking at. They’re long-standing brands with stellar reputations for making stylish foot wear appropriate for the worst weather. And we have what you need to know about them right now if you want to buy a pair of rain boots that are trendy, stylish and a little bit upscale.

Hunter Wellingtons

Wellies, as they are famously called, are the best boots on the market when it comes to rain and foul weather. They come in dozens of gorgeous colors and they are perfect for just about any ensemble. When a fashionista recognizes a pair of Hunter Wellies, it’s a happy moment in her life. These boots are a status symbol, as well as a practical way to dress in inclement weather conditions.


This is a Canadian brand that’s been around forever. They’re functional, but have recently begun adding a bit of glamour to each design. It’s now possible to find Sorel boots with heels, faux fur trim and just about every color around. These boots were spotted all over the Sundance Film Festival on the hottest and most stylish celebrities, which means that they are only about to become even more famous.

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