Simple Tips to Help You Create Your Own Miley Cyrus Style

Miley Cyrus

She’s come a long way since her days as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, and she wants us to all forget those days. Miley Cyrus has grown up – so she says – and she’s made a change. She does not want to be your typical Disney star – even if they are the people who made her so famous – and she wants to be her own person. Well, she’s certainly accomplished that feat, but we’re not sure she’s done growing up just yet. In fact, we’re not sure she’s even remotely close to grown up at the moment. She’s created a bit of controversy, and her style has changed dramatically over the years. But the good news is that Miley Cyrus is nowhere near as crazy as she wants us to believe. She’s actually pretty intelligent; she’s managed to do exactly what she needed to do to garner the attention she need to launch her post-Disney career, and it’s worked like a charm. And now more and more young women want to emulate her style, so we’ve got a few piece of Miley Cyrus fashion advice for you.

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re going to copy Miley Cyrus’ style, you can’t just do it halfway. You have to really commit to it. So go for it; choose to be like her and do it. Don’t hesitate to wear what you want and to be totally and completely confident in what you are wearing. It’s how you’re going to capture her style.

Shorter is Better

In the words we imagine Miley would say when asked about her shorts, ‘shorter is better,’ and while we might not always agree with that, it’s what she finds fashionable. She sees nothing wrong with wearing her shorts so short even her pockets come out the bottom. So if you have the gams for it, go for it.

Be Daring

If it doesn’t match and you still want to wear it, wear it. It doesn’t actually matter. You can do whatever you want if you want to be like Miley Cyrus. You can cut your hair, wear it long or do whatever you want to do, just as long as you rock your choices.

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