The Simple Rules of Rocking Bohemian Style


Perhaps you hear it referred to as Boho or hippie chic, and that’s what Bohemian style is known as. It’s kind of a carefree, hippy-style that women everywhere love. Whether they are into full-on Boho style or just low-key boho pieces here and there, you have to know how to rock the Bohemian style without looking silly. There is a very fine line between looking like a chic boho fashionista and someone’s crazy aunt and if you cross that line, there is no coming back. Don’t make that mistake. Let us help you learn how to style yourself in a way that is totally chic and boho fabulous without looking like you tried too hard and failed. The rules are pretty simple, so we’ve gathered them for you right here to enjoy.

Start with Jewelry

You don’t have to wear long skirts and flowing tops, flowers in your hair and beads. You can be as casually boho chic as you want. You can start with fun jewels that are bold and earthy, bright and casual. There are so many ways you can bundle bracelets and necklaces to achieve this fun look.

Think Feminine

The only way to rock the boho look is to incorporate a lot of femininity into your style. You can’t go to masculine with this look or it simply will not work at all. You’ll want to consider lovely dresses and skirts, fun jewels and even hair pieces if you’re going to rock this look.

Think Outside the Box

The mistake so many women make when thinking about boho style is that they have to have long, flowing locks, a certain look that does not include makeup and they have to be ‘earthy’ women. It’s not true. You can be anything and anyone you want and wear boho clothing without any of the above. The style is yours, as much or as little as you wish.

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