Shop for Quality, Not for Quantity


You probably hear the saying that quality is far better than quantity on a regular basis. What this means, if you’re not entirely sure how it applies to life, is that living a life and having belongings with quality is far better than having more of something. For example, you’d much rather have three really amazing, quality friends than 100 friends that aren’t very good ones. The same goes for your wardrobe and accessories; quality is always better than quantity. The next time you’re tempted to pick up a 7th cheap scarf, remind yourself why you should put it back and save your money for something of better quality.

Quality Lasts

The thing about buying clothing and accessories of a good quality is that they last far longer. Look at your mother or grandmother and her Louis Vuitton handbag. How long has she been carrying around that Speedy 30? Probably for decades; and it looks amazing, doesn’t it? It might have been something of a splurge, but she’s been carrying the same thousand dollar bag day in and day out for decades – which pretty much makes it free. You might have 50 trendy bags you spent less than $20 a piece on in your closet, but will you be carrying them around in 30 years? No, you will not.

Quality is Noticeable

To be frank, it’s not very difficult to decipher something that’s made and sold cheaply from something made with real quality. Anyone with a bit of an eye for fashion can do it. Cheap, faux leathers, cheap designs and cheap quality are very obvious and they leave a bad taste in the mouths of many. This is not to say you shouldn’t buy some things on the cheap; you should. However, your more important items should always be quality. For example, shoes, handbags, glasses, jeans, and dresses should always be of quality material and design. A white tee? Buy 3 for $5 at the supermarket and pair it with great quality accessories to make it look good.

It Looks Better

Quality fabrics and materials do one thing that cheap ones do not; they hang better on your frame. They wrinkle less, cling less and tend to flatter far more often than not, even without being tailored to your body.

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