Do You Really Want to Buy Wholesale Fashion Clothing?


With the popularity of websites such as Pinterest and Instagram has come a new way of marketing fashion and opening up a new business; it’s called wholesale fashion clothing. Essentially, shop owners are now spending a great deal of money ordering big batches of clothing from wholesalers, selling them in their shops and providing you with what you want to look stylish and trendy at a price you can afford. You browse the fashion portion of Pinterest, and you will see dozens of these sites. They’re sites that sell the same clothes to you, each one at a price cheaper than the last, and you and the rest of the world just cannot get enough. It’s a big business, and it’s something you should know how to track down. We aren’t saying you should avoid shopping wholesale fashion clothing sites, but we are here to tell you that these are sites we’d recommend for more casual clothing. The items here are not particularly well-made.

You’re going to get what you pay for, which is generally just cheap fabric, less than ideal stitching and craftsmanship and less than beautiful clothing. It looks nice in photos and it will look good when you wear it, but be assured that these are not clothing items that are designed to last a long time or keep you looking amazing for years. These are items you will love for fun nights out with the girls, but they’re not the kind of things you want to wear on a regular basis because they do look a bit cheap and they’re not going to set the tone you want to convey in a more professional setting. For this reason, and this reason alone, we suggest that you shop as you please, but be wary of what it is you are bringing home.

Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Coachella


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