These Are Not Your Grandmother’s Fashion Rules

For all you ladies who have avoided wearing white after labor day, pairing black with brown and pairing expensive with inexpensive, it’s time to ditch those rules and get with the program. Fashion; it is changing and those dated fashion rules you abide by need to hit the road to make room for modern fashion rules. Forget what your mom taught you and dress yourself for today.

Black and Navy

When it’s a lighter shade of navy paired with black, it can make you look thinner and chicer. The key to pairing these two dark hues is to ensure that you aren’t going to walk out of the house looking like you thought you were wearing one or the other.

Mixing Patterns

If you think that polka dot blouse would look amazing with those pinstripe pants, you’re probably right. There is no reason you cannot mix prints as long as you do it the right way; which is a way that will have you looking chic and sophisticated and not like my 4-year-old daughter on days she insists on dressing herself. Stick with one big pattern and one smaller pattern to avoid looking like a circus tent.

Match Your Shoes to Your Bag

This one is something so many woman do, and it’s okay to let go of this age-old rule and wear those silver ballet flats while sporting that camel designer bag. I admit that I struggle with this rule. I live in a world where all handbags, shoes and sunglasses must match or I feel like a big giant mess (but I’m working on it).

Wear Loose Clothing to Cover Your Larger Frame

To all my curvaceous ladies: Stop hiding behind loose clothes and baggy fabrics. It’s time to show your sexy with form fitting designs and flattering colors. Don’t blend it when you were born to stand out!


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