The Importance Of Having Neutral Colors In Your Wardrobe

Neutral colors can take your wardrobe far, much farther than it will ever go with colored pieces.  It is a good idea to try to make at least fifty to seventy five percent of your wardrobe from neutral colors.  There are several very good reasons for this.  Neutral colors are very interchangeable which make them very versatile pieces.  They are also good as stand alone pieces or can be combined with clothing that is not neutral colors for pops of color to brighten you up.  When you choose to wear a neutral with a clothing item of color, your item of color will really pop against the neutral.

What sorts of clothing in neutral colors should you own?  Black slacks will go with any color top and are extremely easy to wear.  Gray slacks are good, as well.  A little black dress is good for practically any occasion and a little white dress can take you far, as well.  White dresses are great spring to summer pieces and pair perfectly with a good pair of wedge heels.

Blazers in neutral colors will make a great marriage to tops of any color, especially bright pinks, neon greens or red.  If you prefer to dress in all neutral, you can always add your colored pieces in by way of accessories.  When you wear neutral, you will really make the pops of color stand out if you wear them as accessories.

Neutral colors are universally flattering.  Colored pieces of clothing can be confusing because some colors work for some people but not for others.  You have to be very careful to choose clothing that is a color that works right for you.  Neutrals work for everyone and can be worn for any occasion.  They can be dressed up for a nice dinner out, worn to your job or out for a casual day.

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