How to Make Your Golf Wear Look Amazing


Golf is such a fun sport, a great way to spend a beautiful morning. Being on the golf course is rejuvenating, relaxing and just plain fun – especially when you beat your husband. One of the biggest issues that women have on the golf course has nothing to do with her swing, her stance or even her short game. It has everything to do with her ensemble. Not all golf wear is pretty and some of us like to feel good when we are on the golf course. Call it vain if you’d like, but some of us just feel as though we play better and are in a better mood when we feel that we look good. Women, by nature, are just happier when we feel confident in our appearance, and there is no reason we can’t look good on the golf course. With that said – in addition to the fact that I’m an avid golfer who has been here and done this – I have a few simple tips that will help you make the most of your golf wear on the course.

Don’t Overlook the Vest

You can add a chic athletic vest to just about any golf ensemble and find that you look completely chic and amazing. This is especially helpful when you golf in the mornings on a cooler day, before the heat of summer arrives and has you sweating before you even get to your golf cart.

Customize your Accessories

Towels, socks, clubs, tees, your balls, your bag…customize it all. Find a pattern you love, a bag you love and then have someone professional embroider your monogram onto it. It’s an immediate way to ensure that you are automatically a bit more stylish on the course.

Choose Fun Colors and Styles

We love colors that are feminine and girly, as well as bold. And we love a golf skirt. It’s so much chicer, especially when you pair it with a golf hat that matches. Use what you have and choose accessories that work well with what you’re going to wear.

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images


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