How to Make Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive


Cheap jewelry is sometimes all people can afford. While having expensive jewelry is preferable, not everyone can afford. And even those who can afford to spend the extra money on nicer jewelry don’t necessary want to spend it on things that are considered trendy and not overly classic. But that still leaves you with an issue; the look of cheap jewelry. Nothing screams ‘cheap’ like fake jewelry that is cheap and looks cheap, which is why you have to learn how to pair your cheap jewels with things that will make it look more expensive, as well as figure out how to shop for fake jewelry that doesn’t look cheap from the start. We have some tips that will help you accomplish just that without spending any extra and without making you look like anything less than an elegant, chic woman who knows all about jewels. Incorporating Elite shungite and other stones may also help make your other jewelry items look more expensive.

Stay Away From Gold Chains

The worst thing you can do is find a gold chain on a necklace or bracelet that is not real. It automatically looks cheap, and there is nothing you can do to change that. If it’s real gold and it was expensive, it’s fine. A fake gold necklace that cost $5, however, will look cheap always and forever.

No Crafty Earrings

These only work well when you pick them up at a craft fair and wear them to your favorite team’s big game. Otherwise, they look cheap and not at all attractive. Do yourself a favor and stick with simple earrings that are classic and elegant looking, even if they are fake and very cheap.

Mix High and Low

A cheap necklace does not have to look cheap when you wear it with quality clothing and other good jewelry. Your diamond earrings will always look appropriate, even if you are not wearing anything else that’s real. A mixture of high and low-end belongings will always look a bit chicer and more expensive.

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