How to Look Trendy This Spring with Zero Effort

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If we could just wake up looking gorgeous all the time, life would be so much simpler, don’t you think?  Why does it always seem like some women are so easily able to do this? They look effortless and chic all the time, while others feel that they never look trendy, chic or pulled together at all. It’s something we all hope to be able to accomplish in as little time as possible; the art of looking stylish in no time and without any effort. Unfortunately, it’s not something we all know how to do. We’ve taken some tips and tricks from around the fashion industry and compiled them so that we can get a good idea of what it’s like to wake up and look gorgeous with no effort. These tips are going to make your springtime style so much easier, simpler and chicer than ever before. Follow our advice and you’ll be trendy and gorgeous all spring and you won’t even have to put any effort into it.

Throw on a Blazer

Over a dress, pants or a skirt, you can make just about anything you wear chicer and more sophisticated if you just take a second to toss on a blazer. The look is pulled together, trendy and very stylish. The best part is that it takes no effort whatsoever to achieve, which is really beneficial.

Fresh Face

If you want to look stylish, we recommend a fresh face. Instead of loading your face with Kardashian-style makeup, go ahead and make it a point to be as fresh-faced as possible. This means wearing minimal makeup. We recommend mascara, blush and a light pink lip gloss for maximum effect.

Maxis Rule

The easiest way to look trendy and fresh all spring is in a maxi dress. These are flattering on all body types and they take no effort. You can get dressed in a second  and you don’t have to stand in front of the mirror or the closet looking for matching pieces and other items to make it look good. Effortless chic is how we like to refer to this look.

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for New York & Company


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