Lights, Camera, Fashion: Summer Style Cues From the Silver Screen

Fashion inspiration comes from all corners of life.  From the color of a bird perched outside your window to the lines of an arched doorway downtown, to the movie on in the background at your best friend’s get-together. Industry designers often take ideas from star, stage and screen, transforming costume drama into creative, wearable looks that evoke the fantasy of their favorite stories. Why not get the jump on summer style by taking your cues from current entertainment trends? I’ve selected a few of this year’s top films and television shows that can translate well into a fun, stylish summer wardrobe.

Vintage Verve

Can’t give up that retro Mad Men style just yet? Channel your penchant for the glamour of the 50s and 60s in a fresh direction with a boost from Marilyn Monroe biopic My Week With Marilyn. The film, which stars Michelle Williams in the title role, shows off Monroe’s soft, approachable vibe and signature sultry clothes. A touch of winged eyeliner and pastel lipstick with the season’s colorful, vintage-inspired cropped pants can really amp up your summer style.

Survivalist Threads

Post-apocalyptic stories often showcase bold, unrealistic and speculative fashions that don’t always go well with ready-to-wear. Breakout horror hit The Walking Dead, however, takes a practical turn on end-of-the-world fashion. For a little dystopian-chic, why not top off your look with a play on Daryl’s leather motorcycle gear with summer’s cute cropped biker jackets, or the plaid tops that get Lori through those hot Georgia days with no air conditioning? Trade in your skinny jeans for a pair of comfortable cargo-style shorts or break out a bit of Andrea with a slim button-down that will have you ready for any summer style scenario.

Folk Fashion

With the battling releases of Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, along with rumors of competing Beauty and the Beast television adaptations this fall, fairytale fashion is on the scene. Give your summer style a hint of happily ever after with sweet, romantic maxi dresses and whimsical minis. Choose blousy, full-skirted pieces that are not simply pastel princess confections, but incorporate the season’s earthy colors, ethnic prints and lace texture to truly capture that traditional folk tale vibe.


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