Let’s Talk About the Cargo Skirt

cargo skirt

The cargo skirt is back in action and it’s bigger and better than ever. It was one that we all wore when we were in middle school, and we loved it. And now it’s back in fashion and ready to be rocked again. Only this time we’re going to be wearing it a little bit differently – and not just because they way in which we wore them in the 6th grade would be unflattering and highly inappropriate today. The style today is a bit different. It can be dressed up or down and worn with a number of different styles that make it more appealing all the way around. If you’re a woman looking to jump on the cargo skirt bandwagon, let us help you wear it the right way. Of course, your style is your own, but we do have some advice that will make sure you’re stylish, chic and elegant on top of trendy.

Keep it Classy

You’re not in the 6th grade anymore, so make sure your cargo skirt is long enough to cover your body. We like the idea of one that comes at least to your fingertips. However, a good rule of thumb is that if the pockets of your skirt show beneath the hemline, it’s too short.

Go Neutral

To keep this trend as in line and upscale as possible, go with neutral colors. Keep away from the army print and other prints that are reserved for kids still in school. You’re an adult and most people prefer you dress that way, but you should avoid printed styles that are more along the lines of something your daughter would wear.

Go Maxi

Maxi cargo skirts are hot. They’re long, fun and fearless. Go ahead and get one for yourself so that you can see just how comfortable and flattering the look is on just about every body type.

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