The Latest Street-Style Trends of 2015


No one loves the streets, yet we all love the streets. We love to see the style and the trends and the fashion that happens when someone amazing walks down the street and makes us stop in our tracks to admire some serious fashion. And that’s what makes street style so cool; it’s everywhere, all the time, and anyone can have it. It’s something truly remarkable in the world of fashion and the industry, and the trends and styles are always changing. What we learn from street style is whether or not the clothing looks we see on runways have any chance of taking off. It’s the women who dare wear these trends out and about that are the biggest indicator of what we will see all over the place starting right now. We love street style, and we’ve got some of the biggest street style trends of 2015 to share with you right now. Get your shopping list prepared.


It’s not our favorite, but it’s big this year. Look around and you are bound to notice that there are people in fringe all over the place. The look is on bags and clothes and even on shoes, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Get your fringe out and rock it.


Remember when Ugly Betty wore her poncho and it was awful? Well, hers is actually still awful, but the trend itself is back. Classic, well-cut and beautiful ponchos have made a huge comeback and they’re all over the place. I’m in the midst of a search for the perfect structured poncho myself.

Head to Toe Red

It is the color of power, and it is fierce. And women everywhere are taking their red obsession to a whole new level by wearing it from head to toe and loving every second of it. Powerful ladies everywhere are doing secret happy dances that this trend is back in full force.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


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