The Latest Fashion Trend? Wordplay


Wordplay, a play on words (duh) , is what the fashion industry is all about these days. What was once a fun way to make puns with words has now turned into something that is completely chic and fashion-related, and that’s what we love most about the fashion industry. What we saw on our Pinterest boards that once made us giggle are now actual fashions we can wear. Call this new trend a fashion “statement” if you will. I’m sorry, I am. I really couldn’t stop myself. I love wordplay. I love puns, I love wit and I love humor. And I love clothes that now say what’s in my head so that I don’t have to be the person who has to point it out. At least not with my mouth.

It’s the latest trend in fashion and it’s everywhere. It’s not just on kitschy tees in fun shops on Etsy anymore; it’s everywhere. It’s the Moschino dress that says, “I had nothing to wear to so I put on this Moschino dress,” and it’s the fun shirt I wear around my house on an embarrassingly regular basis that says, “Wine Not?” and giggle uncontrollably every time I slip it on. Wordplay is huge right now and if you are not in with the trend, you are not in. To make it even more obvious that this trend is in fashion, I’ve added so much wordplay to my home office that it’s becoming obsessive. From Kate Spade candles that read “Escape the Ordinary,” to the same designer-made diary that reads, “Eat Cake for Breakfast,” to the gorgeous gilded framed artwork that reads “I’m So Fancy,” and “Holy Chic,” I’ve taken this trend literally and made it my mission in life. Six months from now, it’ll all be gone.

But right now, you’re going to need to get every shirt, dress, tee, bag, candle, book, diary, phone cover and coffee mug on the planet that uses wordplay for fun. Because there is so much you want to say, why not say it with your accessories and clothing?

Photo by Celine 


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