Lavish Styles You Should Splurge on When Shopping

Lavish Style

The downside of lavish styles is that they are always expensive. You can have luxe and lavish without spending big bucks. For that reason, many people choose to avoid them all together. Some people choose to buy them on occasion, and other people aren’t sure whether or not the lavish, luxe, high-end fashion they see all over the place is worth the splurge. That leaves stylish fashionistas wondering if spending a lot on any specific items is worth it or not, and we have the answer right here; it is and it isn’t.

I know, right? Could that answer be anymore vague and unhelpful? The truth is that it’s not a question that has a specific answer. It has an answer that depends a lot on budget, style, need and item. There are some items that are always worth the splurge – and we can help you with those. If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to splurge to add a little luxe to your closet, let us tell you what to spend money on and what to look for on sale.


Splurge; for sure. This is a classic example of “you get what you pay for,” and you want to get something good. If you’re going with a classic, timeless bag, spend the extra money. It’s a lavish accessory that will last decades, that will up the chic-factor of any ensemble, and that will automatically make you feel just a bit more pulled together.


Again, you should splurge. We’re not saying you need $300 flip-flops, but you should have good exercise shoes and good dress shoes. They should be well-made, because otherwise they look cheap. Seriously, cheap shoes look cheap, and they can ruin your entire look. As far as your work out shoes, they may not look cheap, but they can have an adverse affect on your health if you don’t splurge on the correct shoes. Walking shoes for a runner is a bad idea, you know?

The Basics

Jeans, blazers, dresses and suits should be something you splurge on. Jeans, you say? Yes…jeans. If you go with timeless jeans (I prefer jeans in a dark wash with no additions, no cutouts or holes or whatever), you should splurge. What if I told you that spending the $300 on a pair of jeans such as 7 For All Mankind is going to give you years of jean wear? I literally have not purchased a pair of jeans in probably 7 years, because I like to buy expensive and wear forever. Go with dark washes, no holes or trendy looks, and stick with a style that flatters. I love a skinny jean and a boot-cut jean, and even though they cost a lot, they still look brand-new even after a million washes and I don’t spend hundreds of dollars a year on jeans I can’t wear again next year. It doesn’t feel like savings at checkout, but it will next year.

All basics should be a bit more expensive and quality made simply because they’ll last forever, and the basics should look good.

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