Is Kendall Jenner the Fashion Icon for the New Generation?

kendall jenner

Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe; what they all have in common is the fact that they are fashion icons. They are the women who dressed so beautifully and so well that their beauty was always evident. They were ladies. Some were modest and classy, and others were a bit more risqué. They were all beautiful, and they were all individuals. It didn’t matter what other women were wearing or doing; these fashion icons were always a step ahead. They were never afraid to be themselves and show off what they were born with. They were familiar with and comfortable in their bodies, knowing precisely how to show off their best assets and camouflage what they did not love about their bodies. And that’s precisely the reason that Kendall Jenner will likely go down in history as one of our generations’ most prolific fashion icons, and I have several valid reasons as to why this is the truth.

She’s Gorgeous

There is one thing that makes a woman a fashion icon above everything else, and it’s being beautiful. Jenner is undoubtedly gorgeous. She’s tall and thin, she’s got a lovely face and she’s one of those women that looks approachable. She’s always ready with a smile, and she’s kind. She’s not someone who ever comes across as a snob or untouchable. Perhaps it is growing up on television with a famous family or just realizing that you don’t have to try very hard to be someone special if you’re just yourself all the time. Either way, she’s a natural beauty and she’s someone with whom we can all identify.

She can Wear Anything

From pants to evening gowns, there is never a time she does not look absolutely flawless. What we love about Jenner is that she can rock anything that you put on her, and she does it with confidence. That’s what makes her so gorgeous in her clothing; her confidence. She can wear anything she’s given and rock it like no one’s business because she knows she looks good. Give her a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and she’s going to show you that she can wear it better than anyone. That’s what happens when you put on the confidence and never take it off; you always look stunning.

She’s not Afraid to Take a Chance

Remember that time she rocked a white strapless jumpsuit with skinny legs on the red carpet and looked stunning? She let her simplistic outfit be the focal point of her entire night without adding too much in terms of jewelry or hair, and she looks phenomenal. She wore a cape once that was not likely something other people would have taken the chance on, and she looked like perfection. She wears short shorts with a high waist and a crop top and looks amazing; it’s not a skill that all women are born with.

She Understands Simplicity

There is never a time in her life when she looks too overdone. Unlike some of her sisters (we will not say any names, Kylie or Kim), she never wears too much makeup. She never has too many accessories or chooses ensembles that overwhelm her. She always chooses outfits that are a bit on the simple and borderline classic side that make her look as flawless and stunning as anyone else. She’s not afraid to use a little bit of edge to pump up an outfit, but she’s a teenage who understands that sometimes it’s the classic pieces that work best for her. She’s trendy without being trendy, and that’s a fashion skill only a handful of women are able to brag they have.

kendall jenner

Her Style is Effortless

Find all the photos of Kendall Jenner ever taken on the red carpet and notice one thing; she’s always effortless. She prefers one piece ensembles such as dresses with high heels, and she never wears jewelry. Okay, she almost never wears jewelry. She likes clean lines. She likes long hair, straight hair and a beachy glow. There are few times she rocks a red lip, but for the most part she is a nude lip with a bit of gloss kind of woman. She’s effortless in her simplicity and it always works for her. In fact, her older sister Kim is constantly being criticized for her style choices, but Kendall looks flawless 99.9% of her life, and it’s because her style is effortless.

She’s Unaffected

She’s one of the most famous young women in the world thanks to her family, and she’s not someone who seems even a little bit affected by that. Her sister is Kim Kardashian, her brother-in-law is Kanye West. She’s the daughter of the loved/hated Kris Jenner and the daughter of Bruce-now-Caitlynn Jenner who is going through the transition from man to woman in front of the entire world. Her family is sometimes crazy, always in the news and they are criticized more than anything, and she has held her head high and kept herself out of the drama and spotlight that is her family.

She Works Hard

If there is one thing that will make Kendall Jenner a fashion icon for the new generation, it’s the fact that she’s doing something many young women with big trust funds do not bother with; she’s working. She’s got a job and she’s working her behind off to become a famous supermodel without using her family connections whenever possible. She’s one to say that she tells her family not to come to her shows. She uses only her first name in hopes that people won’t recognize her last name immediately and not give her a chance, and she’s not using her trust fund to have a good ol’ time partying and living it up the way other heiresses might do (ahem, Paris Hilton, cough, cough).

At the end of the day, Kendall Jenner will become one of the biggest fashion icons of her generation because she is the complete package. And that’s what people look for. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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