15 Helpful Hints You Can Follow To Have Kate Middleton’s Style


There is no question that Kate Middleton has become a fashion icon across the world.  Everyone anxiously awaits seeing what she will wear next.  We are curious what she is going to wear next and wonder if we could pull it off.  Her style is fabulous and women the world over envy her for it and wonder how they could make it their own.  If you would like to have a style like Kate Middleton’s, this will help you narrow down what you need to be doing to incorporate it with your own.

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1. Kate Middleton’s Style Is Modest

Kate Middleton has a style all her own and while it is fashionable, elegant and altogether lovely, it is also tastefully modest.  Kate wears things that are flattering to her body without revealing too much of it.  You will occasionally see her in a dress with a hint of cleavage but for the most part, she wears modest necklines and hemlines that hit close to her knees.

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2. Kate Middleton Wears Dresses Often

Kate Middleton wears more dresses than she does any other sort of outfit.  With the exception of some very casual events, you will always see Kate in a dress for her public appearances.  You cannot think of her style without thinking about the fact that she wears dresses quite often.

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3. Kate Middleton Dresses Very Ladylike

Kate’s appearance is very ladylike.  It is a combination of her choice in clothing, shoes, accessories and all of the little details that are a part of her that give off a very feminine aura.  I believe this is part of what attracts so many of us to her.  In our modern world, many of us bypass the ultra-feminine choices in clothing for more casual options.

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4. Kate Middleton Wears Delicate Jewelry

With the exception of her beautiful 18 carat sapphire engagement ring, Kate tends to stick with jewelry that is smaller in scale and very delicate.  You will often see her in small drop earrings, elegant pearls, a brooch or a simple necklace.  She does not go overboard when it comes to jewelry.

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5. Kate Middleton Loves Riding Boots

On the occasions when Kate does get to dress casually, she often chooses to wear riding boots which may very well have contributed to how fashionable riding boots have become.  She wears them with a variety of clothing combinations; dresses, skirts and jeans. She has even opted to wear them at some formal occasions in the winter months.

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6. Kate Middleton Is Comfortable With Heels

You can’t possibly have Kate’s style if you don’t make your peace with heels.  Kate is seen more often in heels than any other shoe.  She also tends toward wedges which are an adorable yet a bit more causal look for her.

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7. Kate Middleton Wears Skinny Jeans

When Kate goes casual, you often see her wearing skinny jeans.  Skinny jeans are a wonderful look for her because they show off her beautiful figure.  Many of us think that we can’t get by with skinny jeans but we actually can.  Skinny jeans tend to elongate the body and make us look slimmer.  While she usually favors dark denim, she will occasionally wear colored jeans, too.

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8. Kate Middleton Shops High And Low

Kate Middleton is not above shopping at places we might shop at.  Although she loves her designer brands, she also shops where the mainstream population does.  This mixes up her wardrobe beautifully and makes it seem attainable.  Few of us could afford the designer pieces but we probably could afford her off the rack purchases.

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9. Kate Middleton Wears Lip Color That Looks Natural

Kate wears lip color that looks like her natural lips might look.  She chooses shades of lipstick and lip gloss that are in the neutral shades that enhance her natural beauty.  One of her favorites is Bobbi Brown’s Sandwash Pink lipstick.

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10. Kate Middleton Wears A Rainbow Of Colors

While Kate Middleton does a lot of neutral in her clothing choices, she is not afraid to wear color.  You will see her in almost every color of the rainbow.  She wears a lot of solids but isn’t afraid to wear prints.  Usually she favors solids for dressy occasion and prints for more casual occasions.

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11. Kate Middleton Has Long, Lovely Locks

Kate Middleton’s hair is envied by many women.  Who wouldn’t love those long, lovely locks?  If you want to steal the style on this one, it will involve giving your hair careful treatment if you want it to look that healthy.  Generally, Kate wears her hair down and straight or with a bit of curl on the ends.

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12. Kate Middleton Always Carries A Bag

Kate almost always has a bag on her arm or close by.  She tends to choose hobo style bags when she is wearing jeans and other casual attire.  A clutch is her purse of choice when she is appearing at events or when she will be in full view of spectators.  She has been seen carrying black, taupe, tan, brown, white and many colors.

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13. Kate Middleton Wears Fashionable Sunglasses

Like most women, Kate has a love affair with fashionable sunglasses.  You will usually see her wearing oversized sunglasses or sunglasses that have a more square shape to their design.  Occasionally, she will be seen wearing them on top of her head to hold her hair back like so many women do.

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14. Kate Middleton Sticks With Neutrals For Her Choice In Nail Color

One thing you will not catch Kate wearing is bright or bold nail color or designs.  When Kate wears nail color, she sticks with neutrals.  Her manicure is done so that you must look closely to see if she is wearing any polish at all.

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15. Kate Middleton Isn’t Afraid To Smile

Kate’s most beautiful accessory is her smile.  She isn’t afraid to flash her dazzling smile that lights her face up.  Her smile tells us that she is confident and very secure in who she is.  We can definitely take a lesson from this and use our smile as our best accessory.

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