How Indian Fashion Influences Our Fashion Choices


Indian fashion is not something many people realize that they use in their regular wardrobe. There is a misconception that this particular style is one that is reserved for those who come from or live in India or are of Indian descent. The truth is that while there is a certain style that the Indian culture has made fashionable, we all use it on a regular basis even if we don’t see it. The most common misconception is that women walk around all day long in sarees, and it’s not the truth. There is a huge array of fashions and styles in India that the lovely women from this country wear on a regular basis. We just see what we see in movies and on television and assume that is the way of life all the time. What we don’t consider is the fact that we have adopted many Indian fashions in America, and we don’t even take the time to notice. Want to know what you’re wearing from the Indian fashion industry? We have a few little concepts that are really fabulous.

Bold Color

Indian fashion is bold, and the colors are among the loveliest. Fashion designers from India use the brightest, boldest, most beautiful colors in many of their fashion items, and we use the same concept in many of our own fashions.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are always a hit in Indian fashion, and they’ve become very trendy in other countries as well. The bold print makes a huge statement, and it’s one that almost all women of any size, shape and color can pull off in an elegant and feminine manner.


We have come to love our one-shoulder dresses and clothing, and we’ve realized that it’s something many women have adopted from other nations. Indian women do tend to wear sarees, and many of them have one long sleeve, which is something American designers have begun incorporating into their own clothing.

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