How to Steal Amy Adams’ Style With These Simple Little Tips and Tricks

Amy Adams is a stellar actress who just happens to be incredibly gorgeous.  And I am a huge fan.  I love to watch her act.  I love to observe her clothes, her hair and her makeup.  And then I try to imitate it.

Now, trying to imitate Amy Adams will not make you look like Amy Adams.  But, it can give your style a boost as well as your hair and makeup routine.  The thing about Amy Adam’s style is that she knows how to make clothing choices that flatter her.  She knows what colors work best for her and she knows how to find clothing that fits her body to flatter it.  Amy usually chooses clothing in neutral colors or in jewel tones such as fuchsia, sea green or deep purples.  Those colors flatter her naturally pale skin.

She has a makeup routine that works for her.  She usually wears a nude lip except for more dressy occasions when she can be spotted wearing a blue based red lipstick.  Her eye makeup usually follows a similar pattern.  She wears a light neutral base over her whole eye with a darker or deeper color in the outer corner.  Her eyeliner is usually done very precisely followed by several thick coats of mascara which give her those luscious lashes.

Amy Adams usually wears her hair one of two ways.  The first, more commonly seen look is long with waves.  This look can be achieved by curling your hair with a curling iron in a spiral pattern and then combing out.  The second look she wears is usually some sort of updo that is patterned after old vintage Hollywood style.  These are simple little buns that can be done by careful pinning of your hair.

It is fun to look at a celebrity to get inspiration for your own choices in clothing, hair and makeup.  Amy Adams is perfect inspiration.



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