How to Get Slimmer in Seconds

You do it every year. You know summer is coming, you know when it will be here and you know you aren’t anywhere near bikini ready, and yet you still don’t get your butt in gear and work out. Then it happens; summer arrives and you still want to lose another five pounds. Well, lazy girl, we can help you look a little slimmer in just a few seconds since you forgot to workout, again. These small tips will have you looking slimmer in a matter of seconds, and all you have to do is minimal work.

Fake Abs

Make your stomach look a little tighter by picking up a liquid foundation two shades darker than your skin tone. Put it on a makeup sponge and tense your stomach. Draw the makeup down your natural ab line and blend to make it look a little more natural.

Iridescent Powder

Swipe some iridescent powder along your collar bone to make the area stand out a little more, which will make your neck look longer and your body slimmer.

Nude Nail Polish

Okay, so nail polish won’t leave you looking 10 pounds slimmer in less than a minute, but it will make your arms and legs appear longer than they are, which makes you look slimmer than you are. Think of nude nail polish as the nude heels of your hands and feet.

Highlight Your Face

When you have your hair colored, ask your stylist to frame your face with highlights. Darker hues around your face cast shadows on your skin, which makes your face appear fuller than it is. By adding highlights around your face you will look thinner, slimmer and more amazing than ever before. Additionally, you will also look brighter and happier with a few highlights framing your face.


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