Holiday Fashion Mistakes to Avoid this Season

It’s that time of year again, when fashion is something you pay more attention to than any other time. Why do you pay more attention to fashion now than most other times of the year? Because in the next few weeks you’ll spend more time out and about socializing and engaging than you do most the year. Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve and everything in between make this a spectacular time of year if you plan on trying to up your fashion game. Unless, of course, you become a fashion victim. Here are three fashion mistakes to avoid at all costs this season.

Too Much Flash

It’s tempting to want to be as sparkly and shiny as possible this time of year, but you’re not the Christmas tree. You can decorate your home with all the sparkle and shine in the world, but let’s keep it to a minimum when it comes to fashion. That’s not to say you can’t wear that completely sequined shift dress, but keep the rest of your ensemble neutral. Think accessories in shades of nude or black.

Too Much Discomfort

A big beauty and fashion secret that all women should know is that if you’re not comfortable in something, you don’t look good in it. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how designer or how stylish something is; if it doesn’t fit well or feel well, it doesn’t look good. Skip the too tight pants or the too trendy shoes and opt for something a little more comfortable.

Too Weather Inappropriate

Depending on where you live, some things are just not appropriate for the weather. Sure, you can don a pair of tights with that mini dress, but if you live in Minnesota and you’re going to an outdoor event, you’re not going to be comfortable or appropriate. Dress for the weather – always. There are plenty of fashion choices that allow you to look amazing without compromising your health or comfort during inclement weather.

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