What is Gwynnie Bee and How Can it Help You?


Something that has been a controversy for a long time in the fashion industry is the feeling of discrimination women who have a slightly larger build often feel. It’s not, after all, entirely common to find plus-size models on runways or sample sizes that fit anyone larger than a pre-teen girl (or supermodel). It’s also not always easy to find to find services in the fashion industry that cater to anyone who wears anything in the double digits, and it’s because the fashion industry has long since been all about being small. The good news is that many companies have begun to make changes to that policy and have started incorporating more size-friendly clothing into their lineups, more natural models and services that aren’t exclusionary. Gwynnie Bee is a service that you may or may not have heard of, but if you are a woman whose size runs anywhere from 10 to 32, it could be just what you’ve been looking for.

What is Gwynnie Bee?

It’s a subscription rental service for women’s clothing. The site caters specifically to women sizes 10-32 and it allows you to rent clothing that’s stylish and functional for a monthly fee. You wear the clothing until you’re ready to send it back and then exchange it for something new. It’s really a great concept for women on a shopping budget.

Can it Help You?

The answer to this question is yes; if you wear these sizes, this site is for you. You get to wear stylish and trendy clothing for a fraction of the sales price, return it when you’re done and have a completely new wardrobe without spending much at all. And the best news is that you will save a ton of money but still be the most fashionable woman you know.

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