Genius Ways to Incorporate a Little 1950s Fashion into Your Modern Home


The 1950s was a fun decade (do you like how I say that like I know firsthand?) in which tradition was something that families embraced, gorgeous fashion was found in every closet and kids could run around the neighborhood until dark without any fear of all the awful things that could happen to them. One of our favorite things to come from the 1950s, however, is the home décor fashion that was so popular back then. No, we’re not talking the introduction of the shag carpet that became so famous over the following two decades or the fact that we all kind of think that the 50s happened in black and white (admit it, you know you think of the 50s in black and white).

Home décor was so simple and elegant in the 50s. Of course, that was a time in which most families had very few additional outside activities, schedules weren’t insanely crazy and people actually lived in their homes other than to sleep and dress. Gardens were lovingly tended, kitchens used to bake decadent desserts and delicious meals that included all food groups, and family rooms were utilized by the entire family on game night and movie night. The nostalgia is overwhelming, and we want to help you bring back a little of the 1950s fashion to your home – on a budget, of course. That said, we have a few great concepts to bring a little retro-style into your home.

Add Bold Designs

This was a decade in which bold color was everywhere. It wasn’t permanent in that people painted their walls turquoise or add orange stripes to their carpet, but they didn’t shy away from color when it came to décor. To modernize the added color from the 50s into your modern home, think accessories. Go for bold color throw pillows on couches, big framed art on the walls and a bright, bold and beautiful rug in the family room. The addition of these easily changeable items is simple, but the effect is a powerhouse.

Make the Kitchen Homey

Let’s face it; we love our kitchens. We love our sleek, modern designs and colors, and our clutter-free counter spaces. But it’s not homey. It’s sleek and sophisticated, but it’s not the place memories are made. Let’s add some home and function. Instead of hiding our appliances and everything in between, let’s put them back on the counters. There are so many different colors we can choose from that will make a big, bold difference in the kitchen. From mint color blenders and mixers to red mini appliances, it’s a great way to get creative and make the kitchen more comfortable.

A Lovingly Tended Garden

Who has time to garden? No one, but we need to do it. Not only does gardening count as exercise, it’s also a stress reliever that will make you happier and less anxious. Additionally, it makes your house gorgeous. Get outside and plant things. Whether you choose to plant things such as flowers or fruit is up to you, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as eating your own home-grown foods or decorating with your own flowers.

Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images


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