Five Winter Beauty Rules You Should Probably Stick To


Winter is here and it’s time to get gorgeous. The warm weather is long since past (unless you’re here in Florida suffering through 80 degree temps, pouring rain and what feels like a million percent humidity Christmas week) and the cold weather is here, wreaking havoc on your skin, hair and body. That means it’s time to trade in your summer beauty routine for your winter beauty routine and figure out how to look good when the weather really just wants you to look like a mess. You probably have winter beauty routine already, but we have a few pieces of winter beauty advice you need to stick to this season. These winter beauty ‘rules’ are necessary if you want to look good this time of year, especially since the changing of the seasons really does have an effect on your appearance.

Stop Using Soap on Your Skin

It’s dry, your skin is dry, everything is dry. Stop drying it out even more with soap. Now, more than ever, is the time to start washing your body (and face) with something that contains a great deal of moisture that will keep your skin in tip-top shape. Soap, even that with moisture, is dry, and it will dry out your skin. Ditch it; it is time.

Moisturize Frequently

If you don’t already have a bottle of lotion in your bag, now is the time to get one. You have to have lotion in your bag if you want to look good this winter. Your skin is about as dry as it’s going to get in life and you need to be able to keep it as moist as possible as often as possible. The backs of your hands are particularly dry this time of year, so it helps to have some lotion in your bag at a moment’s notice.

Skip Hair Washing Days

Your hair is such an important part of your beauty routine, which means it’s time to stop washing it every single day. Skip a day in between to prevent your hair from losing even more of its natural oils and moisture. This time of year is really hard on hair, especially as it sucks the moisture out. Don’t add to it.

Wear Sunscreen

No, you’re probably not lying on the beach, but that does not mean you get to skip the sunscreen. The sun is out in the winter, too, and it’s just as harsh and bad for your skin. Wear it every day and don’t skip the application. You’ll be thankful you didn’t when you’re a bit older.

Get Some Sleep

This is probably the best beauty rule there this, and it’s most important now. Whereas summer is a lazy time of year when people tend to get plenty of sleep, take long naps and relax; winter is anything but. It’s busy, hectic and crazy. You’re up late wrapping gifts, preparing for parties and events and doing just about everything but sleeping; get at least 8 hours a night or nothing you do in your beauty routine will make a difference.

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