Five Fashion Mistakes Guaranteed to Get the Attention of the Fashion Police


We’d be lying if we claimed we never made any fashion mistakes (we have prom photos, too, you know) or that we are perfect at all times. But we are pretty good with fashion and style, and that’s not an exaggeration. We aren’t the Fashion Police – and we do miss Joan Rivers – but if we do want to help as many women (and men) as possible avoid a needed run-in with the mysterious fashion police. It’s easy to make fashion mistakes as the industry changes daily and so do the fashions, trends and styles (when did we start wearing black with brown?).

The fashion industry is always changing, but timeless, classic style does not. It’s our favorite; elegant cuts, well-tailored basics and a few pops of here and now trends alongside a classic ensemble are what make women look gorgeous and elegant at all times. Of course there are those women who are so chic and confident they can wear anything, but most of us are not like that. Most of us have our own favorite style and we prefer to stick with that. There are endless fashion mistakes we can all make no matter how classic we choose to stay, and we are going to take a page from the Fashion Police and tell you how to avoid some of the biggest fashion mistakes in the history of fashion. You’re welcome.

Wearing Dirty Shoes

It’s so easy not to wear dirty shoes, and yet so many people choose to do it. It’s baffling to see a women in a pair of scuffed up, dirty heels that could use a good wax or a trip to the shoe repair store for a little shine. It takes all of no time at all to keep your shoes looking perfectly gorgeous, and yet so few women do it. Nothing ruins a chic look faster than shoes that haven’t been maintained in, well, ever. Our advice to you is to take your shoes to be shined regularly, and to know that there are shoe repair people all over the world that can re-wrap a torn heel (hey, we’ve all gotten our heels caught in a door or a crack and realized they’ve torn) in just a few days time and for next to nothing. Just because it’s on the ground doesn’t mean it should look like it.

Showing off Too Much Skin

We shouldn’t have to tell you that you’re showing too much skin but from the look of the general public, people no longer own mirrors. There is a rule for showing off a bit of skin. The most important rule is that you shouldn’t show of any skin when you’re at work, at a business meeting or meeting the parents for the first time (or going to a funeral or someone’s wedding or anywhere else that isn’t a club). The second rule is that you can show off a bit of skin and still appear elegant and chic, and not cheap. The rule is this; show off one piece of skin at a time. A dress with a short hemline, a low neckline, no back and no sleeves is automatically a poor choice. There is nothing wrong with any of those features as individuals, but together they make the perfect storm. Instead, wear a gorgeous shift that’s not too fitted to your body that has sleeves, a back, and a boat neck if you want to go with a short hemline. It’s still very, very sexy, but it’s not over-the-top. There’s also nothing wrong with a daring neckline provided everything else is appropriate. Just keep your body parts showing to a maximum of one and you will look great.

Tucking Baggy Jeans into Boots

Get some skinny jeans. Maybe you think that you look bad in skinny jeans and that you will wear baggy jeans tucked into those stylish boots to look better and feel more comfortable. Guess what? You don’t look better, and you should really stop hating on your body so much. You can wear skinny jeans; you’re beautiful. And if you are tucking anything into boots, it has to be skinny or else you end up looking silly.

Wearing Leggings as Pants

Okay, so we love leggings as pants if you do it the right way. They’re not technically pants when you do it the right way, but it feels like it. The rule here is that if you wear leggings on your bottom, they have to be worn with something long. You need to cover your behind and go at least mid-thigh with whatever sweater or tunic you have on. Anything shorter than that is a tee shirt, and you can’t wear that with leggings. I don’t even let my 6-year-old wear leggings without a tunic, dress or long sweater.

Wearing Ugly Coats

Too many people feel that their outerwear should be something that keeps them warm; how ridiculous is that? Kidding! Your outerwear really does need to keep you warm – that’s what it’s for – but it also needs to look good. You do not need to bust out a ‘plastic’ feeling coat or jacket when the weather cools off like you did back in 1994. You need to invest in a nice coat that’s made of a nice material that will last several years. It should be fitted, lovely and beautiful, and it should go with everything you wear. You don’t have to get a trench, but we love a knee-length coat that has a fun shape and a bold color (think red or even a lovely shade of cream). You don’t have to spend too much on a coat like this, either. We love the winter coats in the Victoria’s Secret catalog – and even Nordstrom has a few that are priced just right – that will flatter your body, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble and make you look as good as you feel. We highly suggest you invest in one now to avoid the Fashion Police stopping.

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