Five Fashion Careers that are on The Rise


The fashion industry is a brutal one; much like the fashions you wear, the job you have and the role you play in the industry could be in today and out tomorrow. People like the Anna Wintours of the world make it look so easy. Be fabulous, stop smiling and make sure you always intimidate people into doing whatever it is that you want done so that you remain relevant and people remember your name. Okay, so maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but you get the drift. Right now the biggest fashion careers in the world are the ones you don’t expect. Many people feel that you have to be a designer or a model to be in the fashion industry, but that really is just so few of the people who actually are in the fashion industry. If you want to know which fashion careers are on the rise right now, we can tell you what they are so that you know which door you need to open to get your foot inside this ever-changing business.


This is a job that requires a lot of dedication and know-how in the fashion industry. Your job is to market the clothing and accessories that people want to sell by making them so irresistible to the general public that they cannot even help but want them.


This involves putting things out there. Your job is to sell a designer and what the designer has to offer the world. Your job is to market their business, brand their product and make it sell. It’s a big job, and someone has to be the one to do it.

Boutique Sales

So many people make a killing doing this. You want to be a designer but you don’t know how to start, so you start by opening your own online boutique. And then you become the designer and every other job description we just talked about and you work, work, work.


Think of all the best Instagram accounts you follow and then think of this; how many of those men and women make things look so good? Those perfectly designed desks and outfits, those gorgeous entryways and the pretty pictures; they’re all handled by stylists, and it’s one of the most amazing jobs in fashion right now.

Public Relations

This is the public relations job – you are the person that stands between the maker of a product and the people you want to sell the product to. Your job, now, is to create a relationship between the two and sell the product.

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