Five Budget Friendly Buys at Target for Your Spring Wardrobe


If you don’t love Target, you have to just stay quiet since most of the people in the world will hate you before they even get to know you. Target is, for some reason, this place in which people gather and shop and feel at home and feel so good about everything. Perhaps it is the fact that so many of them feature their own little Starbucks; yes, that’s what it is. We have a thought, though, and that thought is that you can get pretty much your entire spring wardrobe at this great store. It’s budget-friendly, it’s fashionable, and they have some great new lines that are worth checking out. Some won’t be available until April, but that’s still spring so it still counts. And we have five great buys for you right now. The best part is that everything on this list is under $40.

Lilly Pulizter Anything

Your spring wardrobe will be complete come April with the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line is available. If you want a budget-friendly selection of clothing for the spring, anything from this gorgeous line is going to make you so very happy.

Floral Tops

Something that Target’s own Merona brad has right now are floral tops and shorts, and those are an absolute must for this season. The floral trend is big and it’s gorgeous and it’s a must for the spring; pick some up now.

Infinity Scarves

Just because winter is over this week doesn’t mean we aren’t still rocking out scarves. This time it’s the floral, beautiful, pastel scarves that are sold at Target. Get yours now for about $15 a piece and you will never be happier.

Floral Ballet Flats

Are you noticing a trend here? We are all about the floral wear this year, and for very good reason. It’s big and it’s hot right now, so we recommend that you go ahead and start buying it while it’s big and hot. It’s good to go at Target, and you’ll spend nothing.

Denim Jacket

For around $30 you can get a great denim jacket that will take you through the entire season, and we love that. It’s something that you can rock in your own way without conforming to anything you don’t want.

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Target


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