Five Absurd Clothing Accessories that Actually Exist


Style is highly personal. In fact, what works for one person will not always work for another in terms of fashion. Whereas I never believe there is a reason not to dress up and I hate trends, other people where I’m from live in shorts and tanks and flip flops (we do live just a few minutes from the ocean, of course) and never dress up for anything. Some people are boho chic and others act as if they could care less that fashion is actually part of life. It’s highly personal. Whereas I could never pull off the grunge look, Miley Cyrus doesn’t always look awful rocking it. It’s all in the confidence you have, the style you choose and how you feel. But that doesn’t change the fact that some clothing accessories are just so absurd that we cannot even believe they actually exist. So we thought that for the sake of laughter and disbelief, we’d share those with you now.

Breast Protectors

It was introduced back in 1943 to help keep women safe at work (I mean, seriously?) as a sort of compromise to the cup. Thank goodness this accessory didn’t work out.


In general, these just suck. They’re designed so that they make it nearly impossible for a woman to breathe, and all so that she can be as thin as possible. We’re all about being healthy and looking good, but we think breathing is one of those things you have to do on occasion, too.


Okay, some people call these absurd, I call them fabulous. Of course, you have to choose the right one. Let’s go with Kate Middleton and say hers are amazing, and let’s say her cousins-in-law who we will not name out of respect, are not so fashionable with their fascinators.

Diamond Bras

All right, so we know that these are not all that real, but they are real in fashion shows and we just don’t get it. I mean, they’re not practical, comfortable or even enticing as far as finding something to wear. Most of us want nothing more than to take ours off the moment it’s socially acceptable, even if it is made of millions of dollars worth of diamonds.

Shoes with but without Heels

They’re not easy to describe, but you know the ones of which I speak. They’re made to look like high heels, but they look as if they are missing the heel in favor of a weirdly inverted platform. It’s creepy and we don’t love it.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images


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