Finding the Best Jeans for Your Body and Shape

Jeans; we all have a love/hate relationship with jeans. How are you supposed to know which pair of jeans looks best on you? Are you as great looking in skinny jeans as the model-looking woman down the block or are your thighs really that fat (trust me – you think they’re a lot bigger than they really are). Does your bottom look good in those high-waist jeans or do you look like your mom did back in 1978? There are so many questions; and there are so many answers. Here’s how to find the best jeans for your shape.

Curvy Women

Jeans with a little stretch are what you want. They’ll be fitted enough to make you feel like a woman but not so tight that they make you feel like you’ve shoved yourself into something too small. Additionally, it’s a flattering cut that makes your legs look longer and leaner. Opt for jeans in a dark wash to slim your legs and make you appear taller.

Tall, Thin Women

Your look is simple; as a tall and thin woman you can pull off anything. However, if you are always aware of your height you will want to avoid jeans that hit just above the ankle as they are elongating. Additionally, you’ll cut yourself right in half and appear shorter and wider if you pick jeans with a flared leg that aren’t long enough. They shouldn’t touch the ground, but they should almost look they are.

When you can’t fill them out

If you have a hard time filling out your jeans you have to be very careful when you wear jeans. The best kind are the ones that have very simple pockets that lie in the dead center of the backside of each cheek of your jeans.  These jeans are not miracle workers, ladies.

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